22-1Shushilan has excellent residential training center named Tiger Point Jibon Uthkarsho Prangon in Munshiganj of Shymnagar Upazila Under Satkhira District. The Tiger Point is very close to Sundarbans and beautiful location for training and seminar, workshop and residence.

Elegantly appointed, designer decorated standard and deluxe guest rooms find place in cool modern architecture which name is Baghratot. Lovely views ensuring from this residence. Stay in touch with remote control color TV, satellite cable connection, mini fridge, 24 hours business centre and room service. on each floor and a lobby lounge on 1st floor.

30Shushilan have a dinning facilities which name is “Annapurna”. Eat in style with friends and family. Great food Bangladeshi, oriental and continental delicious tastes, Plus the lovely view-just for you. Located on the ground floor of Shushilan training center. Open for launch, dinner and breakfast.

33-1The training center of Shushilan is a resource for available training, conferences, materials which has allowed expanding its scope for providing training facility along with residential accommodation for the trainee with a congenial atmosphere. Shushilan training center is the largest training and conference center in the south east coastal region of Bangladesh under Satkhira district. Tiger point is a multi stored modern building. In the frontier, the guests are greeted with a huge entrance and a granite marble staircase which leads to reception. All the inner sides of the entrance are splendidly decorated with mural pictures of wooden decoration.
19-1There are 1 conference center, 2 training centers which name is “Swapnangon”,¬†residential rooms, 1 shop and 1 dinning room in the center. Most of the rooms are air conditioned and equipped with all kinds of modern amenities. The building is facilitated with disrupted power supply all the day and night. The most amazing part of the center is the rooftop and room balcony view knocking at the Sundarban. Nobody can take their eyes back from the stunning landscape of mangrove forest and adjacent Kholpatua river.