Type and Level of the Organization and its Registration Details
Type:Non-Government, Non-Political Voluntary Development Organization.
Level: National NGO
Registration Certificate from Gov Authorities in Bangladesh:

Sl. Registration Authority Registration No. Start Date View
1. Department of Social Welfare Social Welfare-94/1991 09/10/1991 Bangle Engliah
2. NGO Affairs Bureau NGO Affairs Bureau768/93 01/11/1993 Bangla English
3. Microcredit Regulatory Authority, Bangladesh Bank 00345 – 00075 – 00038 05/09/2007 Bangla English

  Online Registration and Identity Number from International Organizations & UN

Sl. Registration Authority Registration No. Date
1. European Union (PADOR Registration) Europe Aid ID:BD-2007-ECS 2711582518 08/04/2015
2. Asian Development Bank (ADB) Consultant Management System (CMS) Number 011164 24/01/2012
3. World Bank 20/01/2012
4. System for Award Management (SAM) USAID  SAM Reg. 731574112 05/04/2014

Trade License

Registration authority Registration No. Date
Khulna City Corporation Registration:4/298 Area-14 Khulna Registration date: 27/09/2003

Expire date: 30 June 2017