Donate Us & Stand Beside Helpless People

Shushilan is working with poor, vulnerable and person with disable. Small hut, flood, storm, water logging, scarcity of safe water are the normal incident of their daily life thus causes thousands of people to lose their livelihood assets every year. Maternal mortality, malnutrition, Low Birth Weight with different diseases are increased their suffering. Education and disable friendly environment is dream for them. In order to rebuild their livelihood, they often have to resort to moneylenders, and that causes them to fall deeper into poverty. Rural people with absolute poverty are unable to manage three times meal in a day for four to five-members households like participants Salma said, “Hunger is pain”. Shushilan is working with them and you can join with us to bring incredible happy of those family. Your little support is big offer for them.

Please donate online or donate by cheque or Demand draft.

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