Address: Shushilan, House # 155, Jalil Sharoni, Commercial cum Residential Area, Rayermohol, Boyra, Khulna 9000, Bangladesh.


People’s organizations
S.L Name of Policy Remarks
1 Shushamaj Citizen’s Forum-Ward, Union, Upazilla and District Committees
2 Shuvoshakti Youth Organization- Ward, Union and Upazila Committees
3 Shuvoshakal Poor People Org -Group, Union and Upazila Committee
4 Shadhikar Women organization- Women Member Network Union and Upazila Committee
5 Shushamoy Farmer's organization–Village, Ward and Union Committee
6 Swaunnayan WATSAN development org- Cluster, Ward, Union, Upazilla and District Committee
7 Shudin Climate Change & Adaptation
8 CIG Citizen in Governance- Ensure Peoples Participation in Local Government Along with those, many other different people’s organization form under different projects
Staff Guideline
S.L Name of Policy Remarks
1 Staff Guideline Promotion and utilization of sustainable soil management and participatory agricultural development practices to improve household food security in coastal Bangladesh
2 Staff Guideline Project EEP/shire – MaNaR
3 Staff Guideline Human Rights and Good Governance (HRGG) Project
S.L Name of Policy
1 Financial Management Policy Guideline
2 Procurement Policy Guideline
3 Anti-Money Laundering Policy Guideline
4 Environmental and Social Safeguard Guideline
5 MEL Guideline
6 Human Resource management and Development Guideline
7 Risk Reduction and Humanitarian Response Policy Guideline
8 Complaint Management Guideline
9 Health & Safety Guideline
10 Child Protection (CPP) Guideline
11 Anti-fraud & Whistleblower Guideline
12 Fund Raising Guideline