Address: Shushilan, House # 155, Jalil Sharoni, Commercial cum Residential Area, Rayermohol, Boyra, Khulna 9000, Bangladesh.

Human Resource Cell

Human Resource (HR) cell deals with management of personnel including staff, volunteers, consultants, staff development, etc. This cell recruit the right mix of skills and experience candidate for right position and always active in helping Shushilan personnel in many ways including supplying emergency personnel in any case, staff development, leading the staff appraisal, conflict resolution, etc. The experience, committed and subject matter specialist staff of Shushilan is the main strength of the organization resulting high quality project implementation is in place. Commitment and devotion of the staff during disaster management is supporting to bring enormous success which is recognized by community and donor. Staff are motivated to take any kind of challenges for the betterment of the community and have demonstrated through different type of work in difficult situation. This cell will support to keep up the momentum including continues follow the staff code of conduct, HR manual, organizational policy and systems, culture etc. Emphasize will be given to develop high professional staff to manage the organizational and program / project plan properly. Roles and responsibilities within the team clearly defined and agreed, and an active approach has been undertaken for team building and ensuring the team work well together.

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