Address: Shushilan, House # 155, Jalil Sharoni, Commercial cum Residential Area, Rayermohol, Boyra, Khulna 9000, Bangladesh.

Short overview of Shushilan

Fundamental Philosophy

The fundamental philosophy of Shushilan is that the Human potential is infinite. The point is to explore its multi-dimensional manifestations and harness it to promote human welfare.

Basic Principles:

Basic principles of Shushilan are shaped by core values and fundamental philosophy to guide Shushilan’s development initiatives. These are:

  • Equality and neutrality
  • Upholding national interest.
  • Safe-guarding the interest of the backward, socially disadvantaged and hard core poor community.
  • Democratic culture, transparency and accountability.
  • Ensuring a secure homeland for future generation.

Core values of Shushilan:

  1. Shushilan learn from people.
  2. Shushilan believes in equality irrespective of race, religion, caste, creed, gender and age.
  3. Shushilan upholds the family values.
  4. Shushilan believes in participation.
  5. Quality services is our commitment.
  6. We work for backward, vulnerable and poor people.
  7. Shushilan always respect environment and protect environment.
  8. Shushilan always maintain democratic practice at all level.


A congenial society for economic and socio-cultural development especially poor, vulnerable and excluded community.


Create opportunities and enable the society especially underprivileged/socially excluded community for Sustainable Environmental Resource Management, Disaster Risk management, Adaptation to Climate Change, Education, ICT, Health, Nutrition, WaSH, Food Security & Livelihood, Human Rights & Good Governance and Gender-Equity.

Strategic Priority:

The eight strategic priorities have been identified for Shushilan future direction are:

  1. Improve livelihoods and food security of rural and urban people with special attention to coastal, riverbank, wetlands and hill-tracts;
  2. Improve education, ICT and health & nutrition condition of vulnerable people;
  3. Disaster, Climate Change and Environmental resource Management;
  4. Focus on human rights and good governance;
  5. Value chain and market linkage development;
  6. Develop people’s organization, youth and community leadership;
  7. Humanitarian response to Refugee/migrant (out country) and host community;
  8. Resettlement (Development Induced Displaced People).